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my money's safe...

...for now!

I did my walk in the morning--thanks for all the encouragement on my last post--and it was early.  I woke up at 4:30, stumbled out the door and did 3 miles in about 45 minutes.  Not too bad.  And then I got home, opened the garage door (that woke Anna up for the day, which was perfect), and then realized that I was locked out of the house!  Bummer!  I don't like to have too much suff on me, so I didn't carry my keys...and I locked the door from the garage into the house.  Rats!  And Anna was getting ready in the bathroom and couldn't hear me calling her cell or ringing the doorbell.  And I got really cold.  20 minutes later, she came to let me in.  Note to self: always take my keys with me. 

Now, I think I'll continue the habit (and the wager) for tomorrow.  But maybe not as much $$.  This time, it'll be $10 a comment.  And the donation will go to the first suggestion.  This is kinda fun!

1 set of 2- 60 second planks
1 set of 30 second side planks (on each side)
60 sit ups
Walk 4 Miles
Read the Bible Daily
Pray Daily

Date with Anna

2- 20 minute sessions on the Treadmill (2.00 miles; 2.16 miles)
2- 10 minute sessions on the Stairmaster (324 Calories; 318 Calories)
2- 15 minute sessions on the Elliptical
3 sets of 2- 60 second planks
3 sets of 30 second side planks (on each side)
210 sit ups
Walk 10 miles
Read the Bible Daily
Pray Daily
Date with Anna


Weekly Calorie Count:
Saturday: 2,020 Calories
Sunday: 1,890 Calories
Monday: 775 Calories
Tuesday: 1,795 Calories
Wednesday: 1,640 Calories

Thursday: 1,765 Calories

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January 8, 2010 at 6:25 AM

Awesome, beej! I'm happy for you!

  South Beach Steve

January 8, 2010 at 5:13 PM

Great work on the walk Beej! Too bad you got locked out though.