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Workout 3.3

Nothing today either. This has got to stop. I'm not sure how to make myself workout, but I have to make the time. I did so well the first two weeks...I've got to get this re-established!

More prayers, please.

Workout 3.2

Here are my details from Tuesday's workout (sans pics, since I forgot my camera...):

9. Not bad. I might be able to do this...

Not so good....only 25 minutes (half my normal time). I'm still busy at work, and I tried to find the time to workout. Turns out that time was 2pm. There are a lot more people in BDA's gym during this time. And that makes it difficult. It's not that I don't like working out with other people in the room. The problem comes when a guy comes in and decides to run the elliptical right next to me. And he's kinda awkward. Very distracting. So, I tried to leave as soon as possible. That being said, I didn't workout as much as I should have...

Calories Burned:
476. That's a great number--but only in so much as I would have burned 952 Calories had I done my usual time.

Workout 3.1

Nothing. Nada. I didn't workout. Work has been really busy, and I'm trying to find that balance again. Maybe it means coming in to work and going straight to work out. I'll try that on Friday.

Week 2

Here's my weekly weigh-in. NOT GOOD. I need to figure out how to do this better. I actually gained some weight. I'm not sure how I can do this. I've been exercising a lot, but nothing has come of it. I think that I've been eating well, but I know that I need a lot of work. I think I need to really focus on my eating and my exercise. Maybe I've been trying too hard? Working out too hard for my weight loss? Well, not too belabor the point, here's the picture (it's ugly...):

My weight loss rate has drastically changed. Now, it's down to 0.4 pounds a week. Yikes! At this rate, it'll take almost 13.5 years to get to my target weight of 240. Hmm...there's got to be a better way. I'll do this, and one setback won't stop me.

Work harder and eat less. Funny. It's really not a difficult equation, but I still can't figure it out. I will, though. I will.

Prayers appreciated.

Workout 2.5

Here's the info from the last workout of the week.

8.10 (same math as before...)


Calories Burned:

Tomorrow morning is my weigh-in. I'm interested in seeing if there has been any weight loss. I feel better, but I guess you never know until your pants are loose and the number on the scale is lower... :)

Workout 2.4

Here are my totals for today's workout:

8.6 (yeah, I know there's not a setting for that level, but I used a mixture of level 9 for ten minutes, level 8 for ten min, level 9 for ten, etc...this seems to me to be an accurate calculation). I think that I'm going to stop predicting what level I'll do tomorrow--it all depends on how I'm feeling each morning.


Calories Burned:

Workout 2.3

Here are the totals from today's workout.

8. This wasn't so tough. I mean, it wasn't easy. I should stay at this level for a little bit--maybe the rest of this week. I burned more Calories, but that's because I increased the time (see below).

It's funny how little things show me how much of a nerd I am. I've been going at this system with 45 minutes. The problem is that I like to mentally calculate the Calories I've burned as I go. It's a little tough with 45 minutes...easier with 50 minutes. Allow me to explain: the machine I use has a setting to see Calories burned per minute. With 50 minutes, I can multiply the Calories per minute (i.e. 17.5) by 100 (1750); then I can divide that number by 2 (775). This gives me the total I can expect to burn after exercising for 50 minutes: 775 Calories. That is much harder with 45 minutes. Yeah, I know I'm a total nerd. Anyway, here's the total on the time:

Calories Burned:

Workout 2.2

Here are the details from my workout:

10 (No, I didn't jump up to this level. I only had a short time to workout, so I decided to bump it up so that I could get more from the short time...tomorrow I'll do level 8 again...


Calories Burned:

Workout 2.1

Here are the details from my workout:

8 (A little easier this time, but still kicks my butt. I think I'll stay at this level for this week--it might be good to built my endurance...)


Calories Burned:

Week 1

One week down, and I've lost 1.8 pounds.
That's all. They say that it's a good
rate--2 pounds a week is healthy--but
I don't really care. Right now it seems
like it will be forever until I lose
the weight I need to. I'm looking at
about 16.5 months at this rate! So, it
would be about September 2010 that I'll
be 240...I'll be 30.

I'm not saying that I'm discouraged, just
that I'm realizing the immensity of this
journey. And I know that I won't be able
to do it myself. I'll only be able to
complete this with the help of God, His son,
Jesus, and the third part of the Trinity:
the Holy Spirit. May their strength be
mine; may my "glory" be theirs (not my own).

I'd love to be able to hit 240 by my 3rd
anniversary. That is February 17. That means
I have 10 months to do it. I have to lose
about 3 pounds a week. Exercise alone won't
do it. I need to cut back on my eating, too.
I don't really eat all that poorly--just a
lot. I need to cut my portions. I can do
that. I'll start by really being intentional
about what I put on my plate.

1.8 down, 126.6 to go!

Workout 1.5

Unfortunately, I "got too busy" on Friday. I can't let that again. Even if I'm super busy at work, I still need to do at least a little bit! Promise I will.

Workout 1.4

Here are the details for my fourth workout:

8 (I know I said that I'd stay at 6...but somehting made me increase the intensity. It was tough, but I seemed to get through it. I think I'll try 8 again tomorrow, but if it starts kicking my butt, I'll go down to 7.)

My camera freaked out and didn't load in time to take pictures of my workout--those things only stay on for a few seconds after you stop your workout--but my time was the standard 45 minutes.

Calores Burned:
Same thing as the time (no picture), but I did burn 813.4 Calories! Not too shabby, I'd say!

Workout 1.3

Here are my details from the third workout:

6 (A little easier this time, but still tough. I think I'll stay at this level for at least another day.)


Calories Burned:

Workout 1.2

Here are my details from the second workout:

6 (Okay, this was pretty tough--it kinda kicked my butt! What a difference from level 5. I think I'll stay at this level for now...)


Calories Burned:

Workout 1.1

Here are my details from the first workout:

5 (think I'll do level 6 tomorrow, and increase until I have troubles--level 5 was a cinch!)


Calories Burned:

Week 0

Here's my baseline weight.
Man, that's a lot. I'm thinking
that it would be good to drop
33% of my weight. I'd like to
at about 240. Still big, but I'm
a big guy...

I don't have a determined date
as to when I'd like to be at my
goal--just as fast as healthy.

0 down, 128.4 to go!

Why I've Decided to Bother

To be honest, I haven't had the best track record with any of my commitments (besides being committed to Anna, my beautiful wife). I've started dieting more often that I can remember, just to give up after a few short weeks--or even days! I've tried reading the bible countless times, just to get bogged down--treating it like it's some kind of duty or penance or rite of passage. I've even tried to blog (briefly once...). I joined MySpace in college, just to see myself stop using it after a few months, and I'm even unwilling to join Facebook because I already know that I'll not follow through with updating it.

It's actually at the point where my family and I joke about my having an "80% clause." In everything I do, I get all excited about some project. I start really strong, but find myself getting bored with the minutiae. Now, I'm not so sure that a lot of people don't struggle with this phenomenon, but I think I have it down to an art.

So, if I'm trying to do all of these things in my life that I have avoided for so long: losing weight, reading the bible, and getting my anger in check, why do I think I'll be able to succeed now? Well, it's been an insightful week.

On why I want to lose weight:
There were two events that made me determined to finally lose the extra hundred or so pounds that I've been carrying. First, I read something in the book O2: Breathing New Life into Faith. In the book, Richard Dahlstrom says:

"Jesus is interested, as well, in the salvation of our bodies. We rush to interpret this as having to do with miraculous healing, and while there's certainly a place for this, we need to see that the kingdom ethic calls us to stewardship of our bodies...How are we related to food? Is it a gift to be enjoyed, or has it gained mastery over us somehow?" (pg. 71)

While I may have heard about the need to practice stewardship of everything that God gives us, and realized that included our bodies, I always told myself that I was in control. How wrong I was.

In addition to the stewardship aspect of weight loss, I ran into this blog yesterday. Here is a man who decided that enough was enough. That getting winded walking out to the mailbox wasn't worth it. That having to shop at Big & Tall sections wasn't worth it. That the possibility of missing out on important life moments--and yes, even life--wasn't worth it. And he's already lost almost 55lbs in 10 weeks. I congratulate him, and would love to follow suit.

On why to pursue my relationship with my heavenly Father:
One blog that I follow a lot is written by the pastor of a church my wife and I used to go to: Bethany Community Church (my wife and I currently have found a home at Emmaus Road Church). Richard Dahlstrom is one of the most intelligent, balanced, Spirit-filled people I have ever come in contact with. He understands what it means to live in healthy Cristian tension. He posted an entry about Sanctification this week that really got me thinking about to what extent I'm letting God be in control of my life.

On why to fulfill my obligation as husband and friend:
The way I treat my friends, strangers, and worst, my wife is quite embarrassing. For someone who has been shown so much grace by God, I seem to have very little for others. This short-temper (or whatever term you'd like to use for wrath) toward others really undercuts the testimony of my salvation. More than that, it erects walls--even little by little--between me and others. Even my wife. That's totally unacceptable, and I know that, but I don't like living that way. That would mean that I would have to give up my own wants and desires. That I would have to think of others first. That I would have to see that everyone has unsurpassable worth because Jesus paid an unsurpassable price to save them. I've been too selfish to submit to God's will. But no longer.

Today, April 4th. And it is a new day. (I don't care if that phrase it trite.)

So, here are my promises to you, those who I've invited to this blog and those who have stumbled upon it (welcome!):

  1. I will post my weight every Saturday morning (to be done when I wake up)--and maybe videos or pictures as on demonstrated on
  2. I will post weekly about the chapters of the bible I have read (and maybe some commentary as well--depending on how ambitious I am)
  3. I will declare any failings I have had with my wrath (in general terms) and repent to God and those I have harmed.

And I'd love for you all to hold me accountable.

Numbers 6:24-26