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Week 1

One week down, and I've lost 1.8 pounds.
That's all. They say that it's a good
rate--2 pounds a week is healthy--but
I don't really care. Right now it seems
like it will be forever until I lose
the weight I need to. I'm looking at
about 16.5 months at this rate! So, it
would be about September 2010 that I'll
be 240...I'll be 30.

I'm not saying that I'm discouraged, just
that I'm realizing the immensity of this
journey. And I know that I won't be able
to do it myself. I'll only be able to
complete this with the help of God, His son,
Jesus, and the third part of the Trinity:
the Holy Spirit. May their strength be
mine; may my "glory" be theirs (not my own).

I'd love to be able to hit 240 by my 3rd
anniversary. That is February 17. That means
I have 10 months to do it. I have to lose
about 3 pounds a week. Exercise alone won't
do it. I need to cut back on my eating, too.
I don't really eat all that poorly--just a
lot. I need to cut my portions. I can do
that. I'll start by really being intentional
about what I put on my plate.

1.8 down, 126.6 to go!