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Week 6

It was a good week. I worked out 3 days, but worked on our new house a lot (including an all-nighter last night!). Last week, I lost 6.6 pounds!

Timeline: 12.4 pounds lost in 6 weeks, That's 2.07 pounds a week. I still have 114 pounds to go, so if I keep at 2.07 pounds a week (on average), it will take me 55 weeks. That's only 3 weeks more than a year! I can certainly handle that. Of course, if I keep losing 6.6 pounds a week, that would only take me 17.3 weeks--about 4 months (but that's not quite realistic...). We'll see what happens next week.

Week 5 Workout Results

Level: 10
Time: 50:00
Calories Burned: 950.3

Level: 10
Time: 50:00
Calories Burned: 962.1

Level: 10
Time: 50:00
Calories Burned: 974.0

Week 5

Success! Well, not success, but close. Here's the 1,000 words:

So, I'm down 3.4 pounds this week. Time for the timeline. So far I've lost 7.8 pounds. In about a month--actually 5 weeks. So, I'm losing 1.56 pounds a week. At that rate, it'll take me 82.4 weeks--about 1.58 years--about 19 months. That would be December of 2010. Still not the rate I'd like.

But, if I can average 3 pounds a week for the rest of the time, I'll lose it within 40 weeks. That's just over 9 months. I'd rather take that.

7.8 pounds down; 120.6 to go!

Eating Well at Work

So, for the past few years, I've been trying to eat well as I could, but it's been very much a mish-mash. But now, I'm going to start an eating regimen. I actually like to have the same thing for breakfast and lunch (that way I don't have to decide anything) every day--but I do like to have more fun for dinner. Here's the breakdown (since it's good to eat more small meals):

8 a.m. - Plain Oatmeal with Sausage Crumbles
10 a.m - Raspberry Yogurt
noon - Eating Right Five-Grain Chicken with Plum Sauce
2 p.m. - fresh banana

So, for breakfast, lunch, and snack for Monday-Friday, here are my nutrition totals:

(yes, I'm a nerd...)

Week 4 Workout Results

So, I've decided to start tracking my workout results on a weekly basis so that there aren't so many posts. So, here's week 4!

Level: 0*
Time: 00:00*
Calories Burned: 0*

Level: 9
Time: 50:00
Calories Burned: 921.3

Level: 9
Time: 50:00
Calories Burned: 940.7

Level: 10
Time: 50:00
Calories Burned: 956.5

Level 10
Time: 50:00
Calories Burned: 953.0

Level: 9.5
Time: 200:00 (or 3hr, 20min)
Calories Burned: 3,771.5

It takes 3,500 calories to lose a pound. Therefore, if I ate my "normal" amount this week, I should still lose at least a pound. Not bad! I guess we'll see tomorrow morning...

*Nothing. I had a product show for one of my clients, and was in meetings all day. So, no time to workout (I'm really considering getting a membership somewhere that's not my work--that will give me more flexibility for my schedule).

Catching up--Lots of new stuff

Okay, so I've succumbed to my inevitable fall--I lost my momentum and stopped working out and posting. I knew this would happen. I tried not to let it happen, but it did. And instead of giving up, I'm fighting on. I know that this all happened because I was trying to sanctify myself. Man, let me tell you, that's not the way to do it. I've got to trust God. I've got to trust that the Holy Spirit is living in me and working through me. I can totally say that nothing will happen with this journey (or anything else for that matter...) unless I surrender myself and let God take over.

So here I am. I'm back. But this time, I'll let the work be done.

And now to catch up with my info:
Week 3 Weigh-In:

Back to losing weight! Yay! Not great (down 2.6--but really down 1.6 from 2 weeks ago).

Week 4 Workout:
Nada! Yeah, not great--hence my re-dedication to the routine and my journey! Why didn't I workout? Well, for starters, I was in Washington DC for Monday - Wednesday, travelling on business. No real time there. I was back in on Thursday, but super busy catching up. I took Friday off to work on the house.

Week 4 Weigh-In:
One more pound down! Not what I'd like, but it's the right direction. 4.4 pounds in four weeks. that's an average of 1.1 pounds a week. That's 27 months. That's quite a long time, but it's been a very long time since I've weighed 240. So that kinda makes sense. I'll see if I can pick up the pace this week. I really think that the Lord will come through. If not, I know that's all my fault.