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Week 4 Workout Results

So, I've decided to start tracking my workout results on a weekly basis so that there aren't so many posts. So, here's week 4!

Level: 0*
Time: 00:00*
Calories Burned: 0*

Level: 9
Time: 50:00
Calories Burned: 921.3

Level: 9
Time: 50:00
Calories Burned: 940.7

Level: 10
Time: 50:00
Calories Burned: 956.5

Level 10
Time: 50:00
Calories Burned: 953.0

Level: 9.5
Time: 200:00 (or 3hr, 20min)
Calories Burned: 3,771.5

It takes 3,500 calories to lose a pound. Therefore, if I ate my "normal" amount this week, I should still lose at least a pound. Not bad! I guess we'll see tomorrow morning...

*Nothing. I had a product show for one of my clients, and was in meetings all day. So, no time to workout (I'm really considering getting a membership somewhere that's not my work--that will give me more flexibility for my schedule).