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Weekly Wrap-up

So, this week wrapped up pretty well.  Work's been much better, and I even was able to leave an hour early to meet meet Anna for some glasses shopping (for me) and dinner and walking around.  But I actually feel guilty about logging another 3-mile walk (though we did that much!) and another date with Anna (because 3 times in a week would be crazy!).  But we had some nice sushi and shared a small frozen yogurt with strawberries and almonds.  I really enjoy my time with her--she really is my best friend.

I'm thinking about moving over to wordpress for my blog host.  What do you guys think?  I like blogspot, but the fact that there aren't threaded comments (it's too hard to reply to ALL those comments without being able to do so individually).  I'm not sure if it's worth it, but I might do it.  Thoughts?

1- 25 minute session on the Elliptical
1- 15 minute session on the Treadmill
1- 10 minute session on the Stairmaster
30 sit ups
Read the Bible

5- 25 minute sessions on the Elliptical
5- 15 minute sessions on the Treadmill
5- 10 minute sessions on the Stairmaster
3- 3 Mile walks
210 sit ups
3 sets of 2- 60 second planks
Read the Bible
Went on 2 dates with Anna

2- DVD workouts

Goals for next week:
5- 20 minute sessions on the Elliptical
5- 20 minute sessions on the Treadmill
5- 10 minute sessions on the Stairmaster
3- 3 Mile walks
210 sit ups
4 sets of 2- 60 second planks
Read the Bible
Pray Daily
Go on a 24-hour fast
Went on a date with Anna
Finish the kitchen remodel

You can probably see that I missed the DVD workouts.  With the kitchen remodel going on, there's no room to do the workouts...I mean, we can't even watch TV on the couch, since there's plastic covering it.  So, I'm eliminating that from next week's goals, but that also means that I NEED to finish the remodel soon.  Also, so I can post the pictures!!  And you'll also notice that I'm going to add fasting into my goals.


  South Beach Steve

October 24, 2009 at 4:01 AM

Beej, I personally like wordpress better, but I don't have a problem with a well-implemented blogspot blog, which yours happens to be one. My only real complaint with blogspot is that most blogspot blogs do not allow comment by Name/URL. I am sure that is just a feature to keep spam down though. That is one thing I love about Wordpress though -- the spam plugins. I use Akismet and I hardly ever get any spam posts. I do understand where you are coming from on the threaded comments though. You may remember, my blog used to not have threaded comments. It took editing my theme (which was homemade anyhow) and enabling a wordpress plugin to get it working, but it was worth it.

Regarding switching, I don't know what to tell you. It would be nice if you could export all your posts and comments to Wordpress if you choose to move. If not, it isn't disasterous, but it is just nice to have them if you can.

By the way, it sure looks like three dates to me. :-)

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