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08.07.09 Update - part 2

Here are my totals for my second workout today:

Calories burned on the elliptical: 593
Calf Raises: 55
1 2 mile walk

2709 Calories
210 Sit-Ups
600 Calf Raises
Jump Rope for 10 Minutes
4 2 mile walks

-109 Calories
-10 Sit-Ups
-200 Calf Raises
Jump Rope for 0 Minutes
0 2 mile walks

I'm still planning on going for a walk tonight, and will also post posted a picture of the gym at work--yep, Steve, we do have a gym at work. Not a bad one, either!

God Bless you all tonight, and please pray for my weigh in tomorrow. I'll actually be posting my first before and during pictures! Yikes!!


  South Beach Steve

August 7, 2009 at 7:38 PM

BJ, that is really awesome that you have that resource for exercise. I am saying a prayer for your weigh in right now.