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08.20.09 Update

582 Calories on the elliptical
100 calf raises
100 sit ups
Tried planks (4 sets of 20 seconds each. I'll try to increase each day--it's really tough. Wow.)

2,342 Calories on the elliptical
2 3 mile walks
550 calf raises
275 sit ups
Jump rope for 6 minutes
Tried Planks

458 Calories on the elliptical
2 3 mile walks
50 calf raises
0 sit ups
Jump rope for 9 minutes

So, as you can see, I'll probably miss my goal of my walks. The problem is that I procrastinate on them, and then I need to do them every day in order to keep on track. But, the problem is life. It kinda gets in the way. Yesterday, we had a late night with our couples' small group. And tonight Anna and I had some quality time--some things are more important that one goal. Pray for tomorrow as I try to get the most out of my exercise...


  South Beach Steve

August 21, 2009 at 4:13 AM

Beej, it sounds like a great day! BTW, congratulations on trying planks. I noticed that in your previous post too. That is just awesome. They are much harder than most people think, but man are they a good part of my exercise routine.

It sounds like you had at the couple's groupd you went to, but last night sounds like it was even better. That quality, one-on-one time with Anna is priceless. You are exactly right, some things are more important than our weight loss and fitness goals. The health of our relationships with our spouses is definitely one of those things.

You are in my prayers man - make it a great day!