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Working my Butt Off

Today was an exhausting day.  I've been looking to do somehting to redeem myself from my Triathlon Disaster.  I know, it wasn't really a disaster, but it's been eating at me for the last month and a half.  I hate feeling like I failed--that I didn't do something that I should have been able to do.  I should have been training and taking this fitness thing seriously.  It can't just waltz into things and expect to succeed.

So, while searching and wanting to find my next challenge, I kept wondering what I was going to do next. And I think I finally found it: 

But, Anna, in her infinite wisdom, thought that maybe I should test out whether or not I could complete the course.  Wow, I'd never thought of that, but she's so right.  So that's what I tried today.  I'm planning on doing the Olympic Duathlon.  It's a little intense, but I thought I could at least complete a 40k bike ride and a 10k run.  And that's what I tried today.

Okay.  Doable?  Yeah.  I completed it.  But easy?  Not a chance.  I know I can do a 10k.  I mean, 6 miles isn't too bad.  I've done that distance many times before.  Heck, I did 5.5 miles earlier this week.  So I knew I could knock that out.  It turns out, though, that running a 10k after biking 40k is crazy tough.  Like I said, I completed it, but I was sore at the end, I was slow on the run, my legs cramped, I was completely wiped out.  And exhausted.  And it took me like 3 hours...that's a long time.  I wish it were faster, btu not bad for my first attempt. 

But I'm going to be doing this in two short weeks.  I know I can finish it.  But I'm sure I won't be able to win, even in my division: Clydesdale (men 198lbs and over).  But I'll finish it.  I'll have the shirt and the story.  I'm excited!

26 mile bike ride
6.5 mile run 
read the bible daily
read my devotion daily
pray daily

45 minutes on elliptical
45 minutes on stair stepper
45 minutes on exercise bike
26 miles biked
14 miles ran
200 situps
200 push ups
10 60-second front planks
10 60-second side planks
pray daily
read the bible daily
read my devotion daily
date with Anna

15 minutes on elliptical
15 minutes on stair stepper
15 minutes on exercise bike
100 sit ups
100 push ups
5 60-second front planks
5 60-second side planks

Monday: 1,904 Calories
Tuesday: 1,209 Calories
Wednesday: 2,478 calories
Thursday: 2,413 Calories
Friday: 2,295 Calories
Saturday: Unknown


  South Beach Steve

September 12, 2010 at 5:32 AM

It sounds like Anna is a pretty wise lady, especially since this is so soon. Good job on completing the distance in a practice run though. While we are usually adverse to being sore, it sure feels good when you are improving yourself.


September 12, 2010 at 8:21 AM

Yeah, Steve, Anna is a really smart gal...I need to listen to her more often.