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Weekend Warrior Wrap-Up

Go on a hike. Success! We went on about a 3 mile hike. It was a lot of fun, but a little too crowded. Maybe we shouldn't have gone at noon on the best Saturday we've had up in in the last month or so! There will be more to come, that's for sure.

Run my 3rd monthly Unofficial, Unsponsored 5k; and do it in under 30 minutes! Success! 3.1 Miles in 29:20. I'll try another 5k tomorrow or Wednesday--see if I can get under 29:00. All this is in preparation for Sunday.

Limit myself to 2,500 Calories on Saturday & Sunday (I have a benefit dinner to go to on Saturday, and the memorial for my Uncle on Sunday, so there are some potential pitfalls ahead). Failure. On both days. But I know exactly what did it to me on both days. On Saturday, we went to sushi for lunch (785 Calories) instead of Subway (600 Calories), and I ate the ice cream at dinner. Those two changes would have dropped me below 2,500 on Saturday. And on Sunday, it was taht dang snack of almonds and a square of chocolate. Ugh. But live and learn, right? I think I'll be back on track the rest of this week.

12 minutes on elliptical
12 minutes on stair stepper
10 minutes on exercise bike
1- muscle building session
1 set of 2 60 second planks
2 sets of 300 second side planks
90 situps
45 push ups
walked 5 miles
prayed daily
read the bible daily

Weekly Calorie Count:
Saturday: 2,815 Calories
Sunday: 2,505 Calories
Monday: 990 Calories

Daily Average: 2,103 Calories.

Want to watch me twEAT? Check it out here.



March 9, 2010 at 6:17 PM

man you are doing such a great job with the 5K. Very impressive times. looks like you have great week as well. Keep up the great work. one of these days I'd like to get back into running. My real goal is to one day do a 1/2 marathon.
Have a great evening.

  Call Me Ishmael

March 9, 2010 at 6:33 PM

A hike on a cougar trail? Awesome. Did you see any? That would be amazing. Beej, your running times are fantastic. Holy smoking shoes, beejman -- you are fast!


March 9, 2010 at 9:12 PM

Wow, Rob, a 1/2 marathon...that's crazy!! I'm hoping to do a 10k in summer. :)

Ish, nope, no cougars (though there were some hot older ladies who were checking me out--I joke, ha!!) I'm loving the runs, but yeah, they're tough!! Fast, though, I'm not sure...