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So, Anna and I finally were able to take a little time to clean out our closets. Anna cleaned out her rack because she had clothes she just didn't wear anymore. I cleaned out my rack because I had clothes that I just couldn't wear. I still had a lot of clothes from before I started this journey 135 pounds ago. So, Here are some before and after pictures of my rack (think I need to get more clothes now??):



And here's the amount we donated to Goodwill. Think we need to simplify our lives?

Onto another act of purging: drinking water. Jack Sh*t had a post on tips to help you drink more water. Funny stuff, but it got me thinking about how much water I drink. I know I drink a lot of water (other than 1 cup of coffee a day, all I drink is water), but I had never counted it. At work, I had 6 glasses of water (each glass is 24 ounces--I actually took pictures of each glass of water, but I deleted them before sending them from my phone to my email--dumb, huh?). Then, when I got home, I had these two glasses of water:

Each one is 60 ounces. That means that I'm sitting here, typing this having consumed 28 cups of water. Or 224 ounces. Or 1.75 Gallons. And that's less than usual--I'd usually have another 2 "home glasses" of water. That's a lot of purging going on. Oh yeah, I also have two "home glasses" of water throughout the night. What can I say? I LOVE H20! What about you? Do you find that you love water or do you have to force yourself to drink it?

12 minutes on elliptical
10 minutes on stair stepper
12 minutes on exercise bike
30 situps
15 push ups
read the bible
date with Anna

48 minutes on elliptical
40 minutes on stair stepper
48 minutes on exercise bike
2- muscle building sessions
3 sets of 2 60 second front planks
6 sets of 30 second side planks
1 set of 2 60 second back planks
180 situps
90 push ups
ran/walked 8.75 miles
prayed daily
read the bible daily
date with Anna

Weekly Calorie Count:
Saturday: 2,815 Calories
Sunday: 2,505 Calories
Monday: 990 Calories
Tuesday: 2,160 Calories
Wednesday: 2,050 Calories
Thursday: 2,155 Calories

Daily Average: 2,113 Calories.

Want to watch me twEAT? Check it out here.


  South Beach Steve

March 12, 2010 at 5:04 AM

I both love and have to force myself to drink it. Similar to you, other than coffee, it is almost all I drink. I do also drink some white and green teas on occasion. I usually get 2-3 20-ounce glasses of water in at work, and another 16 ounces or more at home, which isn't as much as I would like to get in.


March 12, 2010 at 2:27 PM

Great job on the purging and great that you are donating the clothes to Goodwill.

I love water...I just hate having to go the bathroom every 20 minutes. I drink 2-3 litres a day.

  Shelli Belly

March 12, 2010 at 10:39 PM

Time to go shopping!

  josie (35 and Shrinking)

March 14, 2010 at 9:11 PM

That is A LOT of water, beej! I thought I was drinking a Love the purging and that you donated it all...that ROCKS!