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Good Week Ahead

This weekend was a great weekend, and Anna and I had a lot of fun! We had a delicious breakfast at the Portage Bay Cafe on Saturday. Too much food, but it was delicious, and had some protein, fresh fruit, and sweet potatos (in the form of a yummy pancake!). And it got me through a lot of the day.

On Sunday, for dinner I "recreated" the spinach parmesan pizza we had in SF (the picture of the original should be here). I got a Cheese deLITE pizza from Papa Murphy's, baked it, and when it was done, spread fresh baby spinach on top, and sprinkled it with shaved parmesan. Pretty tasty, and only 200 Calories a slice...but I did have 4! But if you look below, my intake was actually pretty darned good all weekend. I'm feeling much better going in to this week.

Of course, I really need to start training, as Anna and I have the St. Patrick's Day Dash in less than 2 weeks! She's untimed, but I decided to test myself and do the slower of the timed versions. And the track is almost 4 miles. We'll see what I do. It's my first EVER timed "race". I really can't tell you how incredibly excited I am to take part in this. Sweet!  Anyone else doing it?

And we have a packed week with lots of fun activities in store: babysitting, dinner with friends, trying a delicious looking polenta pizza over at Alison's blog (Kimberley, I think you might actually be able to have this--no wheat!).

1- 10 minute session on elliptical
1- 10 minute session on stair stepper
1- 10 minute session on exercise bike
1- muscle building session
90 situps
45 push ups
walked 2 miles
prayed daily
read the bible daily
date with Anna

Weekly Calorie Count:
Saturday: 2,165 Calories
Sunday: 2,195 Calories
Monday: 2,040 Calories

Weekly Average: 2,133 Calories

Want to watch me twWEAT? Check it out here.



March 2, 2010 at 12:55 AM

The pancakes look and sound delicious!

Good luck with the race! You'll be fab. :o)

  Call Me Ishmael

March 2, 2010 at 4:54 AM

Oh, that gives me a hankering to go upstate and have big NY pancakes. Yum!

Can't wait to hear about the race in 2 weeks. What's a 'timed' event? You have to finish under a certain time?