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07.31.09 Update

Here are my totals for the day's workout:

Calories burned on the elliptical: 0 ( I had the day off work, so I didn't have access to the gym...)
Sit-Ups: 50
Calf Raises: 100
2 minutes of jumping rope
1 2 mile walk

So far, I've done:
2613 Calories
260 Sit-Ups
550 Calf Raises
4 Walks around the park
5 minutes of jumping rope

That means, all I have left is:
-113 Calories
-90 Sit-Ups
-200 Calf Raises
Jump Rope for 55 Minutes

As Steve mentioned in a comment on my last post, the jumping rope thing kinda kicked my butt. My goal for next week will change dramatically.

I also was able to walk 4 times this week. 2 miles at a time. And my rate is about 17-18 minutes a mile--not too bad. I'm pretty proud about my sit-ups and calf raises. On Monday, the sit-ups kinda hurt my back, but now it feels much better--even though I'm doing much more sit ups each day. Just goes to show the benefit of actually using your dang muscles.

I'll be needing your prayers for this weekend, though, since it's my family reunion. There's always so much food out there and I'm there all day on both days, so it'll be tough. I'll be taking some grilled curry veggies that I can eat, and hopefully I'll be able to find some good things to eat.

Weigh in is tomorrow. We'll see how this goes.


  South Beach Steve

August 1, 2009 at 9:58 AM

Congrats on the good exercise. Sit ups have always been hard for me. I need to add the calf raises into my regiment though, and I need to re-add the jump rope.

Good luck to you at your family reunion. You are in my prayers.