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Week 15

Weight: 327.6

Weight lost in one week: 1.4
Total weight lost: 40.8
Average weekly weight loss: 2.72

Weight left to lose: 87.6
Weeks left at average loss: 32.2
Estimated total weeks: 47 (about 10.5 months)

This week's goal is to lose at least 3.5 pounds. I need to bump up my average.


  South Beach Steve

July 19, 2009 at 6:58 AM

Great work! Remember, a pound in the right direction is always a good thing.

I would like to offer some advice that someone gave me on my blog once. Be cautious setting weight loss goals. There is not always a direct correlation week-to-week between what we eat and the exercise we do and weight loss. Therefore, it may be better to set the goal for doing more exercise or eating less, with the knowledge that this will result in weight loss over the long term. There are so many factors that affect weight loss in the short run (water retention, muscle, body waste, etc . . .) that it is hard to predict. You don't want to have goals that cause you frustration. I don't know if that means anything to you or not, but after the gentleman left that comment on my blog, I started choosing to make my goals more activity (eating or exercising) oriented.

Nonethless, great work. Keep it up!