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Pic Post & Hot 100 Update 7

So, I blew out one of my Vibrams out again.  But I feel bad taking them back to REI again, so I decided to Frankenstein them and sew them up...what do you think?  I actually kinda like them!

Also, I wanted to post the recipe for a treat I made last night (and was a hit at work).  I took the Banana Bread IV recipe from All Recipes, and combined them with beanut butter cups to make these:

They were really very easy.  All I did was scoop one small scoop of the banana bread mixture into the bottom of a silicone muffin cup, place the unwrapped peanut butter cup on top, and scoop another scoop on top of the cup.  That's it.  Then I baked them in a 300 degree oven until a toothpick inserted into the muffin came out clean.  Simple.  But tasty!  And I'm sure it could be adapted to be Phase 2 South Beach by substituting some ingredients and using sugarfree peanut butter cups...

My Hot 100 Update:
• Consistently achieve my weekly goals (done)
• Have a “Tigger Attitude” at work (done)
• Increase intensity on one machine (treadmill, elliptical, or stair stepper) bi-weekly (done)
• Only drink one cup of coffee a day (does decaf count?  done)
• No alcohol (done)
• No Fast Food (done)
• Read three books (on track)
• Cook dinner three nights a week (done)
• Stop eating at least 2 hours before bed (missed it a couple of nights this week)
• End the year under 275 pounds (done)
• Add fasting into my spiritual life (done)
• Get plugged in at my church (went to a meeting after church for a few minutes about sattelite sites)
• Get to know my neighbors (Nothing this week.)
• Develop a budget with Anna—and stick to it! (Now that the rremodel is done, we have no excuse, but still not yet)

Okay, that's MUCH better!

1- 20 minute session on the Elliptical
1- 20 minute session on the Treadmill
1- 10 minute session on the Stairmaster
30 sit ups
1 set of 2- 60 second planks
Read the Bible Daily
Pray Daily
Date with Anna

3- 20 minute sessions on the Elliptical
3- 20 minute sessions on the Treadmill\
3- 10 minute sessions on the Stairmaster
150 sit ups
Walk 2 miles
3 sets of 2- 60 second planks
Read the Bible Daily
Pray Daily
Date with Anna

2- 20 minute sessions on the Elliptical
2- 20 minute sessions on the Treadmill
2- 10 minute sessions on the Stairmaster
60 sit ups
Walk 10 miles
1 DVD Workout with Anna
1 set of 2- 60 second planks
Read the Bible Daily
Pray Daily


  South Beach Steve

November 12, 2009 at 3:49 AM

Wow Beej, those muffins look great! I love peanut butter cups! I bet you are right. These could be adapted to the South Beach Diet with a whole grain flour, artificial sweetener, and sf peanut butter cups. This might be a good treat for me for Thanksgiving.

Great job on the goals, by the way.


November 12, 2009 at 7:30 AM

Oh my...that recipe looks great!

I could never make those though as I would eat them once.

Great job on the goals!!!


November 12, 2009 at 7:54 AM

Those looks AMAZING!!! I have to try those...

  Diane Fit to the Finish

November 12, 2009 at 11:39 AM

I think I would eat every last one of them!! Congratulations on your goals!


November 12, 2009 at 12:48 PM

Yeah, I've got to say, they're pretty dangerous for being so easy to make! I might try to replace some of the butter with applesauce or something, add whole wheat flower (maybe some ground flax or almond flower), and use natural sweetener in order to make it so I don't feel so guilty eating one...maybe add sunflower seeds or something for protein?

But yeah, they disappeared yesterday!


November 13, 2009 at 12:22 AM

They do look really yummy Beej. I think it would be hard for me to have them in the house. You are doing great on The Hot 100! Here's to a strong next 10 days!