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Spending Time With my Wife

I've been feeling pretty off for a little while.  I feel like my work and exercise has gotten in the way of my relationship with Anna.  Not a lot, mind you, but I feel like I've been pushing her back in my priorities.  I know it's important to do well at work.  And I know there's a reason for my keeping on track with my exercise.  And I know that Anna supports me in all that.  But sill, I feel like I'm not giving her enough quality time; not enough R&R with her.  Granted, one of the reasons I got in this predicament is because of my love for R&R, but there needs to be balance.  And I've never been very good with balance.  I'm an all or nothing kinda guy.  That's why I can't have junk food in my house (I'll eat all of it.  At once.).  That's why I don't really drink (too many times of too much--plus all the Calories!!).  But there are some things that can't be all or nothing.  And Anna's one of them.

So, while I worked late at the office today, I did pick up food for us on the way home and spend the evening with Anna tonight.  As a result, though, I didn't finish my exercise of going on my walk or jumping rope.  That makes for more work the next two days.  But that's fine (and if I don't complete my goals, I'll live).  It also emphasizes the need for me to get my butt out of bed and go on my walks in the morning.  This will ensure I have more time to spend with the love of my life. 

On another note, I'm pretty confident that I'll probably gain this week.  I don't want to, but I'm also not going to kill myself trying to hit a certain mark.  This journey has always been about becoming healthy.  Losing weight is just one arm of the quest (albeit a vital one).  SO it seems to me that if I'm living in an unhealthy way just to reach a lower number on the scale, I'm defeating myself.  Of course, I want both to happen (lose weight and be healthy), but doesn't happen all the time.  Even if it does happen 99% of the time.  Right?  Not too much to worry about.

My totals:


.5 Hours on the Elliptical
100 Calf Raises
50 Sit-Ups
5- 30 Second Planks
Read the Bible

1.5 Hours on the Elliptical
520 Calf Raises
250 Sit-Ups
Jump Rope for 10 Minutes
Up To 5 -30 Second Planks
Read Bible (minus a day)
Prayed Daily

1 Hour on the Elliptical
3- 3 mile walks
180 calf raises
100 sit ups
Jump rope for 10 minutes
Build up to 5- 30 second Planks (per day)--well, I'm there, but I need to do it for the rest of the week.
Read the Bible Daily
Pray Daily
Go on one date with my wife


  South Beach Steve

September 3, 2009 at 4:56 AM

Beej, you are so right! There are so many parts to achieving the life you desire. A healthy and fit body is one of them, but a great relationship with Anna is another. If you don't reach your goals for the week - so what? For me, I have defined a minimum I need to do to maintain. Honestly, that is largely focused around eating. Hitting that minimum is easy. As long as I hit that minimum, I am okay. Now, I set higher goals all the time, and those are what I strive for. Those are the things that bring me closer to my ideal weight and fitness level, but if I miss them, it is not a big deal.

Keep up what you are doing Beej, you're doing great! BTW, congratulations on hitting your plank goal for the week!