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New Weekday Eating Plan

So, for the first five months of my journey, I've been doing a lot of the same eating at work (with too many interruptions): oatmeal, yogurt, and an Eating Right frozen meal. But I'm cheap. And Safeway stopped having them on sale. They used to be $2 each, but now they're $3 each. That's how cheap I am--I'm not willing to pay more for my meals (at work). :) So, I have a new menu:

7 am: whole wheat English muffin with Super Duper Walnut Butter ~$1.00; 210 Calories
10 am: 2/3 cup fat free plain yogurt with sprinkling of crystal light and 5 drops of stetvia concentrate ~ $0.50; 81 Calories
1 pm: 1/2 cup quick oats, 1 tbsp cheese, 3 oz taco turkey ~$1.00; 295 Calories
3 pm: banana $0.25; 100 Calories

Total Cost for work food: $2.75.
Total Calories for work food: about 686
Not bad!  I think.  Is that enough food?  Or should I eat more??

Okay, on to my totals so far:

.5 Hours on the Elliptical
120 Calf Raises
100 Sit-Ups
Jump Rope for 5 Minutes
4- 35 Second Planks
Read the Bible

1.0 Hours on the Elliptical
420 Calf Raises
200 Sit-Ups
Jump Rope for 10 Minutes
Up To 4- 35 Second Planks
Read Bible (minus a day)
Prayed Daily

1.5 Hours on the Elliptical
3- 3 mile walks
280 calf raises
150 sit ups
Jump rope for 10 minutes
Build up to 5- 30 second Planks (per day)
Read the Bible Daily
Pray Daily
Go on one date with my wife



September 2, 2009 at 3:31 AM

What about trying to get more fruits and vegatables in your plan? I love my beans, grapes, and apples during work and have heard it said that having different colors of fruit and vegetables are what to shoot for. Are you eating anything after 3pm?

  mr. nonis

September 2, 2009 at 7:22 AM

Oops! Yeah, Ehren, I eat a couple of things at home, too. Man, it would be scary if that's all I ate all day, huh?

Anna and I do a work share at a local biodynamic farm, adn get a bunch of fresh organic veggies every week. So our dinners usually consist of veggies and some kind of protein.

  South Beach Steve

September 2, 2009 at 6:14 PM

Beej, I honestly think you are probably eating too little consistently. That being said, I am no expert. I would consider adding more veggies during the day. I am not sure what your options are from the farm, but I am sure there is something there that would be good to snack on.

BTW, great job on the planks! You have really improved!