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Mobile Chowdown

Today, Anna and I took a trip into Seattle to eat food from some of the area's best food carts. Most were from Seattle, but 3 were from Portland, Oregon. What a blast we had! The event started at 11--we heard that the lines get crazy long, so we showed up at 10:30.

I started out with a nice doppio espresso:

Then we got in line outside of Koi Fusion. There were already six people in front of us.

And one of the people in front of us just happened to be an owner of one of the sponsors. And she even used to be a the food editor at our a major Seattle Newspaper. And she even was on No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain! We met a famous person--and she bought us tacos!

So, let's start with all the food we had at Koi Fusion: BBQ Short Rib Burrito:

This was delicious--not super bright flavors, but perfectly balanced. Loved it!  Next, we had Bulgogi Tacos:

These were tasty--a nice example of the Korean/Latin fusion the cart is known for. I forgot to pick up the limes, which would have completed the dish, but they were tasty!

While I was standing in line at Koi, Anna went over to Potato Champion (also from Portland). And we had our first Poutine:

Kim, I have to admit, these were tasty. I would have liked smaller cheese curds so that we could have had them in more bites. While these were tasty, we probably could have done without them--there were just too many great things to eat.

We walked over to find seating to enjoy our first haul, and ended up next to Marination--the Seattle "equivalent" of Koi Fusion--and the line was actually pretty short. (We were told that both Koi Fusion and Marination were the two longest lines last time). Marination was even named the Best Food Cart in America by Good Morning America. I can see why. We got two delicious sliders from them. An Aloha Slider (with Kalua Pork) and a SPAM Slider:

The SPAM Slider was probably the best food we had all day. Oh, wow, that was perfect!

The, we walked around to Skillet. Skillet's an awesome--and more expensive--food cart specializing in high-end offerings like burgers with cambozola and their famous bacon jam. We knew we could try that amazing burger later, since they're in Seattle, so we bought their Lamb Sloppy Joe and Strawberry Lemonade:

The Lemonade was pretty good, but that Lamb Sloppy Joe was amazing! Holy Moses, look at all that "slop" on that little bitty bun!! And they even gave me a little off, since we didn't get the fries that came with the lamb--it was just too much food otherwise, you know? I will certainly try to find that Airstream Trailer in the future.

Nope, that wasn't enough food--we still needed dessert!

So Anna and I headed over to another Portland visitor, Whiffies. All they make is fried pies, and today they brought 2 sweet and 2 savory options (Mixed Berry, Chocolate/Coconut, Vegan, and Beef Brisket). I wanted the Mounds-like creation, but Anna won out with the Mixed Berry:

So glad she did, too, since it was delicious! We'll have to go visit them next time we're in Portland, for sure!

Finally, we ended our food extravaganza an hour and a half later at Street Treats. They make homemade baked daily cookies and brownies. And Ice Cream Sandwiches:

 I chose a Lime Poppyseed Cookies with Berry Ice Cream Sandwich--so delicious. The cookies were big and just soft enough. The ice cream wasn't too hard, either; perfect for an ice cream sandwich. The cookie was very flavorful; the ice cream wasn't too flavorful--but the combination was delicious.

So, that was the food:
2 Bulgogi Tacos; Koi Fusion (we gave the thrid one away)
1 Beef Short Rib Burrito; Koi Fusion
1 Aloha Slider; Marination
1 SPAM Slider; Marination
1 Lamb Sloppy Joe; Skillet
1 Strawbverry Lemonade; Skillet
1 Mixed Berry Pie; Whiffies
1 Lime Poppyseed Cookie with Berry Ice Cream Sandwich; Street Treats

All in all, I'd say that it really wasn't too much food--really--we had no breakfast, and split everything. And we walked around for about two hours. Good time.  This Mobile Chowdown is an awesome experience, and we'll definitely go to the next one--and try out some more places in the meantime!

7 miles biked
100 situps
50 push ups
read the bible
read my devotion

Calorie Count:
Saturday: ?,??? Calories


  South Beach Steve

July 11, 2010 at 5:35 AM

This really looks like a good time Beej! I have to say though, my first thought as I began reading this post was, "Dang, Beej sure doesn't look like someone who ever needed to lose weight!" You really have done fantastic!

Spam slider - okay, that ranks up in my top ten list of things I would love to try!


July 11, 2010 at 8:50 AM

WOW! I am so impressed by the Mobile Chowdown and I am thrilled that you tried poutine.

Everything looks so tasty. Glad you had a great time.


July 11, 2010 at 3:21 PM

Dang...what a day! Looks yummy! I wish we had stuff like that! ;)