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Support, Support, and Date

First things first, there was another loss in the community. My friend Josie just lost her Uncle. If you can, head on over to bless her. It's been a tough week.

On another, more positive note, one of my blogging buddies, Ricky, posted a challenge for himself, and a group of his readers has decided to join in. And I thought it would be great to get as many people to join in. For as much as you can. Well, here's the story. Ricky is going to donate $1 to charity for each pound he loses. He posted this plan on his blog, and one person decided to match it. I thought it sounded like fun, but our budget isn't that big, so I offered to do $0.50 for each pound he loses. Then two other people joined in. Now Ricky is at $3.50 donation for every pound he loses. And he's already lost 75+ pounds. So, anyone else want to join in? Head on over to his blog and chime in.

Anna and I had a fun Valentine's Day. We went out to brunch after church with my brother and his fiancee, and then the four of us had some fun with paint and canvases. Here are my pictures:

Here are Anna's:

Here are the whole group's:

It was fun!!

Challenge Challenges:
South Beach Steve: Tabata Jacks
Call Me Ishmael: Double Crunches
Call Me Ishmael: The BW Matrix
Anonymous: Jumping Rope
Kimberley: Swimming Pool
Josie: Yoga
Shelli Belly: Kettlebells Natalie: Burpees

Up To Monday:
Challenge Challenge: totally punted on this. Oops! I'll have to do double duty.
2- 10 minute sessions on the Elliptical
1- 10 minute session on the Stationary Bike
2- 10 minute sessions on the Stairmaster
1 Muscle Building session
1 set of 2- 60 second planks
1 sets of 30 second side planks (on each side)
60 sit ups
15 push ups
Walk 1 mile
Read the Bible Daily
Pray Daily
Date with Anna

Weekly Calories:
Saturday: 2,110 Calories
Sunday: 3,400 Calories
Monday: 1,965 Calories

Running Total: 7,475 Calories (Average daily: 2,492 Calories) Average is a little high right now, but I'm confident that they're quite accurate. And, I would burn 2700 Calories a day without any exercise, so I'm not too worried.

Hold me accountable, follow my twEATS here.


  Doreen Hall

February 16, 2010 at 3:37 AM

I didn't feel my usual sense of impending doom half-way through. It was work, but I could have held it longer if the song continued.


February 16, 2010 at 3:23 PM

Brunch and painting??? Sounds super fun!

February 17, 2010 at 9:03 PM

That sounds like a super fun date, don't think I can get Ben into it though :P