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perfect 10: week 8

- Walk 12 miles a week (done)
- Do front (2x60) and side (1x30/side) planks 3 days a week. (missed)
- Keep on our budget. (it's close)
- Hit and exceed my initial weight loss goal--and start a new one. (done)
- Read 4 books (done with three)
- Only use my horn for avoiding traffic collisions. (done)
- Cook dinner at home 4 times a week (missed--we were on vacation)
- Go on 3 hikes (none yet, and I'm running out of time)

Interesting tidbit 1:
I dropped out of college. Twice: University of Washington and Penninsula College. But, after six years (including a 3-year "sabbatical"), I graduated with my BA...and exactly the minimum 180 credits required to graduate!

Interesting tidbit 2:
I have a beer drinking party trick (which is useful at my current job--we ahve a lot of partiers). I open a bottle of beer with my teeth (I know, I know, it's horrible), pour the beer in a glass, and drink it in about 4 seconds. Yeah, not the most wholesome, but it's fun to race people--and win. But I know there are people out there who will best me.

3- 10 minute sessions on elliptical
3- 10 minute sessions on stair stepper
3- 10 minute sessions on exercise bike
2- muscle building session
210 situps
75 push ups
walked 13 miles
prayed daily
read the bible daily
date with Anna

Weekly Calorie Count:
Saturday: Unknown
Sunday: Unknown
Monday: Unknown
Tuesday: 1,530 Calories
Wednesday: 1,780 Calories
Thursday: 1,510 Calories
Friday: 1,850 Calories

Want to watch me twWEAT? Check it out here.


  South Beach Steve

February 27, 2010 at 6:49 AM

That is a pretty amazing feet Beej, but I will agree, probably not the best for you. :-)


February 27, 2010 at 9:05 AM

LOL@your party trick!

I have one thing to say...TAKE A HIKE!

Great week!!!