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Week 9

We're back in business! Although I didn't exercise as much as I would have liked (just 4 days this week), I did get back on track. See the pic:

I lost 6.6 pounds! That means that I lost all of the weight that I gained on the cruise. And, although I'm at the same place I was two weeks ago, I've still lost an average of 1.96 pounds a week. That means I should be at my goal in a total of 66 weeks. that's a little over a year from now. I'd like to be at 240 by 2010. That means I need to lose an average of 3.82 pounds a week.

Not sure if that's possible, but that means I need a Caloric deficit of about 14,000 a week (or 2,000 a day). If I burn 500 Calories while working out, that means I need to eat 1,500 Calories less than I burn in my daily activities. My daily activities burn about 4,100 Calories a day (according to this website). That means I could eat 2,600 Calories a day and get to my total weight, but I'm not sure if that's a good idea. If I'm eating 900 Calories for breakfast, lunch, and snack; that would leave 1,700 Calories for dinner. If that's what I'm eating, I think I'm doing things wrong! Yikes! As long as I eat only 1,000 Calories for dinner, I'll be doing just fine.

I'll let you know where I am next week. If I lose 4 pounds next week, I'll know I'm on the right track.